Kuroo x reader neglect

2018. 4. 8. · The first time Kuroo met (Y/N) was in preschool. He was a year ahead of her. He saw her crying as an elderly woman who he assumed to be her grandmother tries to explain to her that they will be coming back for her at the end of the day. It was typical for most children who will be attending school for the first time to have separation anxiety.

First published Jan 02, 2020. par·lay (noun) : a cumulative series of bets in which winnings accruing from each transaction are used as a stake for a further bet. (Y/N), a first-year student attending Tokyo U, is living with her best friend, Kenma Kozume. Little did she know, her life would be turned upside down after being exposed to Kenma's. pairing: sugawara koushi x gn! reader word count, genre: 1463 words, fluff, domestic things with sugawara .i may or may have not fallen in love with him while writing this omg. summary: ever since sugawara met you, he’d discovered a new meaning to home. it wasn’t a place anymore, but a person. home was you. 2020. 12. 1. · Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader] When your mother remarried, you couldn’t have been happier for her. But along with a new father, house and life, you would also be getting a brother. And he just can't help but adore you. So much so, he'd love you until your lips turn blue.

2017. 11. 5. · The days you were here, he stopped thinking that his job was boring. Sometimes, you would meekly wave at him and look down out of embarassment, and he would grin back. The two of you never exchanged any words, as you never entered the little room filled with colourful plants. He had to be honest. That was not really a job he disliked.




Pairings: Miya Atsumu x Reader, Bokuto Koutarou x Reader, Iwaizumi Hajime x Reader, Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader (Seperate) Warning: Mild suggestive content, Language, Badly edited Genre: Fluff/Humour.

Chapter Text. Kuroo had no clue what he was getting himself into when he accepted this 'challenge' from an individual with such ludicrous intentions. He should've expected it though. (M/n) was pretty blatant and straight forward about what he wanted from the very beginning; kuroo foolishly assumed he was just joking.

Love Galore . pairing; Kuroo Tetsuro x f!reader x Bokuto Koutaro synopsis; Bokuto Koutaro was your best friend.The left to your right, the sun to your moon — and coincidentally, the love of your life. But chance favors the prepared mind, and you were not prepared to watch him fall for someone that wasn’t you.